Online Assessment

Assess My Consulting

Lets get into it! Below are a series of 57 randomised questions.

Mark each on a scale of 1 to 9 where:

1 (Left) = "I need significant improvement in this area" to

9 (Right) = "I am very strong in this area"

Section One - Questions 1 - 20

1I manage client assignments successfully, ensuring that objectives, deadlines and budgets are agreed and delivered on time.
2Where appropriate, I demonstrate how personal knowledge and experience has been passed on to help client personnel make significant transitions in knowledge, work or thinking in order to aid their personal development.
3I share acquired knowledge and experience with others in appropriate ways in order to build value for the client.
4I demonstrate behaviour that earns the respect of professional colleagues.
5I understand the nature of the management consultancy market, competitors and capabilities.
6I operate competently in all areas of project delivery from initiation through to closure.
7I show flexibility and adaptability to changing demands and deadlines. I demonstrate the ability to manage ambiguity
8I leverage networks effectively to research and define client issues, generate innovative solutions for clients and/or inform the delivery solution.
9I identify success criteria to ensure required quality of deliverables are achieved.
10I demonstrate understanding of commercial aspects of projects including scoping, pricing, risk, and terms and conditions.
11I understand and engage the expertise of others alongside my own.
12I share views with others, expressing my own ideas and thoughts clearly and openly while also being prepared to listen to other, differing, views before reaching conclusions.
Where appropriate, I use professional networks to seek contributions from others.
13I present ideas convincingly to the client to achieve specific outcomes.
14I can demonstrate how functional expertise has been applied in at least one business sector.
15Where appropriate, I present clear comprehensive written proposals.
16I set high personal standards, act with integrity, respect confidentiality, and am courteous, reliable and responsive in dealing with others.
17I work effectively in a team with others and seek support from others if appropriate.
18Where appropriate, I demonstrate the ability to identify, develop, describe and allocate work streams for others to meet objectives, deadlines and budgets.
19I analyse business culture, structure, processes, management and performance criteria based on scope of work and at an appropriate level to be able to complete the assignment.
20I demonstrate understanding of, and where appropriate use, systematic methods to promote consultancy services for external and internal clients, to maintain a pipeline of opportunities and to negotiate and win contracts.

Section Two - Questions 21 - 40

21I demonstrate a logical process to seek out new tools and techniques and identify their relevance to current and future work.
22I formulate analysis for clients including the current political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors which may impact the assignment.
23I convey information in a clear focused style using effective verbal, non-verbal, graphical, written and oral communication techniques in formal and informal situations.
24I manage my own time effectively to meet deadlines.
25I identify opportunities and set personal objectives for a tailored Continuing Professional Development Programme.
26I can show evidence of at least one year's management consulting experience in the primary specialism PLUS:
  • A degree or professional qualification in the functional specialism, OR
  • At least four years year's specialized work experience in the functional specialism.
27I maintain responsibility to the client to remain within the scope of work. I identify, and where appropriate notify colleagues of, issues outside scope of work.
28I gather, record and analyse data and information through ordered and logical processes and translate data into usable output.
29I use a logical, coherent and consistent approach to problem-solving. I challenge assumptions and probe detail.
30I manage client, and consultancy stakeholder, expectations -
  • Comply with contractual terms
  • Conduct regular assignment reviews with client
  • Obtain client agreement if the scope of work changes.
31I anticipate handover issues and address them during engagement. I agree handover process with client (e.g. skills transfer, implementation, sustainability, knowledge documentation).
If I withdraw because I cannot complete the assignment, I offer the client recommendations on other resources that can complete the project.
32I demonstrate how value was created for the client through use of knowledge, tools and expertise and show how this was tailored to meet the client's needs.
33I evaluate tools and techniques against validity criteria and use them to obtain best data, information or knowledge available, within budgetary or organisational constraints.
34I manage group processes to achieve desired outcomes, using facilitation tools and techniques to maximise the group's decision-making potential.
35Where appropriate, I apply risk management processes including planning and resourcing, monitoring and reporting. Where appropriate, I use risk and/or issue logs, reports, risk mitigation and/or recovery action and the use and control of contingencies. I demonstrate suitable responses to issues that arise during an assignment.
36I analyse risk in an engagement including, where appropriate, risk identification and evaluation (probability and impact assessment) and identify suitable responses to risk (prevent, reduce, transfer, accept, contingency).
37I assure quality compliance of own deliverables and, where appropriate, those of the consultancy team.
38I research and understand the client's business, the sector in which it operates, and its stakeholders.
39I demonstrate, if in a management role, the management, development and appraisal of others and delegation of tasks.
40I use presentation tools and techniques effectively.

Section Three - Questions 41 - 57

41I produce clear client correspondence and reports selecting the most appropriate style to achieve the desired outcome.
42I understand and manage diversity in terms of culture, religion, race and gender.
43Where appropriate, I demonstrate the use of a process to enable client learning and development to occur and performance to improve. I demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the variety of styles, skills and techniques that are appropriate to the context in which the coaching takes place.
44I understand and define client requirements as evidenced by client agreement.
45I ensure professional advice is sound and relevant to client's needs.
46I demonstrate competent use of planning tools and techniques, and set milestones appropriate for the size and scale of the assignment.
47I demonstrate flexibility, creativity and innovation in generating solutions and recommendations.
48I engage the client in selecting, and taking ownership of, options for the structure and execution of the assignment.
49I demonstrate skills in building consensus and managing conflict.
50I use a variety of data gathering, problem solving and analytical techniques that take into account client and own values and objectives and the type of recommendations to be made.
51I understand the implications of different courses of action. I make recommendations based on risk analysis with facts and assesses the ability of the client to implement.
52I pro-actively seek opportunities to further my own development. I seek and act on feedback from clients, superiors, peers and team members to further personal development. I learn from my own and others past assignments.
53I work effectively in complex environments containing value-conflicts and uncertainties, needing, at most, only indirect supervision.
54I apply professional and ethical criteria and withdraw from an engagement that discovers, or causes, illegal activity.
55I keep the 'big picture' in focus but address details and balance priorities.
56I demonstrate appropriate ethical behaviour and adhere to an appropriate Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics.
57I monitor and measure client satisfaction.

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